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Crown of Ash - Steven Montano All I can say about this book is, "HOLY SDF#$)%U)@#*"! This series keeps getting better and better, and I keep wondering how much more Mr. Montano can throw at his characters, and how much more they can take before they turn their spirits and hexed bullets on HIM!

This fourth book of the Blood Skies series starts out relatively slow, but builds in intensity with each page. No spoilers here, but the world-building and fantastic writing leaves me wanting more and more and more... I can't wait for book 5 (The Witch's Eye) in January 2013, and the tentatively-titled "Chain of Shadows" after that!

Out of the 50 or so books I've read this year, this series is by far among my favorites of the bunch. Looking forward to reading many more of Steven Montano's books.