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Whisky From Small Glasses

Whisky From Small Glasses - D.A. Meyrick Outstanding first effort by D.A. Meyrick! (@Lochlomonden on Twitter)

The story is very compelling, with excellent character and story development, and it turns into a real page-turner at about the 2/3 point. I'm looking forward to many more books about DCI Daley and the town of Kinloch.

One interesting point that I've already mentioned in an earlier comment is how the author captured the different personalities through their dialogue: many of the locals and a few of the supporting cast "speak" in a Scottish brogue. This was challenging to read at first and took a few "re-reads" through a few of the conversations, but it is easily picked up the further along I went.

HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who likes murder mysteries or just a great book!